Picture of M. Hammad Mazhar
PhD Student (2016 - )
Research Interests: Video QoE monitoring, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Encrypted traffic analysis
Résumé/Curriculum Vitae: 

I currently focus on understanding Web Quality of Experience(QoE) in terms of measurement, root cause analysis and mitigation of QoE degradations. I take a data-driven approach supplemented with machine-learning and deep-learning based approaches. My recent projects include detecting video QoE metrics in real-time for end-to-end encrypted video streaming applications (published in INFOCOM '18) and understanding video QoE degradations in cellular networks using cellular link data. My collaborators include Nokia Labs, Futurewei Technologies and AT&T.

Recent publications:

My personal hobbies include video games, reading and technology. I tweet with the handle @HmdMazhar.